Light and Glass

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Begin Again, Finnegan et al

April 29,2012

Where to begin? Here to begin the beguine and all that ensues. Word play is somewhat onanistic, I trow. Ah the Red Squiggle erupts, underscoring the upstart word. Googlegeist doesn’t recognize trow, the archaic form of believe, suppose… which rhymes with know and reaches to troth, the pledge of one’s word from the core of being… and thereby hangs yet another tale…there are so many muddled arenas, puzzles that need our solving, messes that need our cleaning … opportunities for growing…

The State of the Species Report :
They promise to love and then divorce. Oh dear… conundrums complications.  Consider the meaning of promise…            promettere… throwing one’s word into the future. Ah you say, extenuating circumstances, unavoidably delayed, belayed, circumnavigational mishaps, unexpected warps, sidetracks, shoots or ladders… pot holes, sink holes, black holes, wholes…

As I trow, hearkening back  to the redwoods of diction,
we are in an era of dislocutions, disconnections, disturbances, disinclinations,  the corridor of discomfiture and inconvenience which is part of the dissolution of the old paradigm ( our adolescence) that we may inhabit the four dimensions, which we know through inhabiting our perceptual endowments of senses, emotion, intellect and intuition, that we evolve into a mature phase of our species’ tenure on the planet whereby we respond to the harmonic way of life in synch with our fellow creatures and sentient beings, the bio zoo geo gestalt of which we are a part and whose being and behavior affects the fate of all for good or ill. Who in heart of hearts (all parenthetical objections duly noted) wouldn’t rather embody well being, sustainability, renewable resources, ecological soundness, love sweet love,  fellow feeling, kindness, generosity? Clearly a retrenchment is needed so our wilder-world and what’s wounded may heal, what’s broken, mend…by our lights, by our fully occupying the places we are in ( or mainly…. no one’s poifect) every here and now. Present and accountable as often as possible day by day and one at a time (Who’s counting? OCD OCD You for me, me for you. All for one, one for all er, With me it’s all or nothing. Nothing for you and all for me….sung by Ethel Merman as Annie Oakley, if you can believe. I played her (Oakley not Merman, for I would have been then a mermaid) with perfect teeth and bangs, a red and white felt cowgirl frock with gun slingin hips the year I was fourteen at summer camp and it’s true, you can’t get a man with a gum) (not a typo, she jawed with a toothy grun) (Where was I?) ( The fatuous aside, aside)…

Exhausted, we need  fallow time, what they usta call the rest cure. Oh Hans Castorp. Let us go then, you and I to the Magic Mountain, sans Red Courtesy Phone, knowing nada zip zilch for certain, entertaining ideas as guests who come and go or stay as case may be rather than commodities to be bought and sold and once an opinion is purchased, it takes up lodging,  it perches…. comma splice be damned and full speed ahead. Ahoy!

Do consider the need ( not ornament ) for us to digest experience, to absorb and assimilate, to be nourished by our knowledge and understanding. Of this we have been deprived with the forward rush of too much…to be, to have, to do. We used to do three things in ten minutes and now do twenty three…seem to need to? Too much of  a good thing is still too much, though I usta say too much of a good thing is almost enough which  il va sans dire, keeps us in the acquisitive and hence, disproportionate too- muchness and not enoughness and all the compensatory maneuvers we stumble on and blunder through until one day, aha! The light goes on and there’s someone home to read the signs and wonder. That will be then and now or  meanwhile back at the ranch ….

We are at a loss, faced with all the dissolution of life on the planet, World without End or so we thought. But meanwhile, back at the ranch, if i may so adopt my refrain, the ice caps, the polar bears,  spring blooming acacia budding in September.

Wordsworth and Blake took note during the Industrial Revolution when the urbanized clockwork life began and the diurnal annual round was lost to all but those who noted the angle of the sun, the cycle of the seasons and the wheeling stars at night…the fortunate agricolae who tilled and toiled. How can we know our place in nature if we know neither nature nor ourselves?

This is beyond Tums. Restoration, Renaissance is called for. Out of downward tug and weight of the second dark age …into the levity of light.
I swear by the falling cherry blossoms in a late April afternoon breeze, the chiming of the wind, all that is, we must reclaim restore revise, refrain, restrain, remain. By all the beauty of being, for all the beauty of being ,with all the beauty of being…. may we begin the beguine…….Vive Omnes!

a bit heavy on the schmaltz, she opined in sober reflection…. but and …the beat goes on…

No one said growing up would be easy but/and the option is Nowheresville, and the small vehicle is heading toward the stone wall. Turn the wheel !  Another direction, a new chapter. Tempus Fugit.  This now as soon as each we can.

Restraint Reciprocity Respect…

and love, peace and love,


Ever your

Alrac Grebniets

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Occupation Here and Now

On August 7, 1974, Philippe Petit walked the wire between the Twin Towers. This abides in my mind as an act of great bravery, artistry and extraordinary beauty. His dance on the wire stands equally with and tonic to the toxic devastation of the towers and all the ensuing fallout. In the pairing of 9/11 and 8/7, consider the symmetry of all that homo sapiens is capable of: acts of destruction and acts of creation, horror and the sublime. It is important to hold both as part of our human story. Many who have been discouraged and saddened by all the iniquities and inequities of an era so egregiously like the dystopic visions of Huxley and Orwell, are, for the first time in a long while, hopeful, thanks to brave resistance of those who are Occupying Wall Street in the interest of the many whose needs and well being have been sacrificed to the pleasures and privileges of the few.
My real hope for humanity is this, that we are educable. As toddlers, we who pooped at will, any where or when, took the first step in being civilized when we stopped pooping in our pants. We learned self control with less stink and mess for those who picked up after us. Unaware, we were learning to consider the rights and well being of others along side our own. Now we must stop “pooping” in our world.
Ilya Prigogine, a contributor to Chaos Theory, states: Things fall apart and reconstitute at a higher level. In nature, winter dormancy follows harvest. All that has flourished dies back and the earth rests before spring quickening. Hence farmers rotate crops and let some fields lie fallow to reinvigorate. Artists stop after a period of productivity to refill the cup of being and knowing before entering a new period of making. Our work will be deeper and wiser because we have had a chance learn and grow. There is an old saying : The child dies to the man. The old skin or system is shed and in its place a more capable and effective state of being emerges.
Of course any archeological dig reveals the layers and strata of being. The child doesn’t really die. Sometimes we are lucky enough to encounter and embody our playful child selves again and this seems central to our future. Children are quick to forgive if they are loved and cared for and have an innate and acute sense of what’s right. Give any two kids a cookie to share and at least one of them knows that an equal division is what’s wanted, needed and fair. We can and we must revitalize our perceptions if we are to continue our tenure on the planet. We must be as little children and willingly adapt to the prevailing conditions and circumstances and evolve, to leave our self centered adolescence behind, to embrace the difficult and good work of maturation and generativity, with equity, justice and compassion for all. Of course there are no guarantees. There never are.
I think what we are seeing today is a kind of devolution. Things are falling apart. This is a requisite stage of an evolutionary process, the transformation of consciousness and behavior. I am first to say of these thoughts, well actually in the words of Salman Rushdie, that they are an “interim report from the consciousness I now possess.” Having emerged from the paralysis of misery over the state of the world and being, I am hopeful. Whether or not I am deluded remains to be seen. But I mean to put my shoulder full tilt to the wheel or whatever it is we are turning in the direction of more heart and soul, equity and justice, human kindness overflowing, much as we envisioned in the formative Be Here Now years… and I think it’s going to rain today .

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Light and Marbles

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high on the highwire

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Happy New Year

Here's Lookin at you, kid!
Personally, I’m averse to, distressed by the prospect of a fascist dystopia superseding  the open society which permits us to come and go as we choose.  I am never- the -less  foolishly, perhaps, hopeful. Some of us are learning restraint, becoming  as civilized as the cannibals whose hippo meat has gone off on the small boat steaming into the”Heart of Darkness.” They wouldn’t have dreamed of nibbling their fellow passengers sharing a voyage, for whom they had fellow feeling. That is not nothing, kids. Double negative, be damned. the 3 Rs: Restraint  Reciprocity Respect.

This is the moment, I think, when each and every must resist the siren spell of the Lemming directive and find our way through the bottleneck of conflicting realities to find comfort and surety on common ground.

I send love and great good wishes to all.
May the force be with us. Pax Vobiscum. Amor vincit omnia.
Carlotta Vertspiel aka Steinmetz

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